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General Information About Niue

In a nutshell:

Niue is the smallest self-governing nation in the world. It has a population of 1200. Located 2000 kms north of New Zealand and 500 kms east of Tonga the island is 260 sq kms and is a raised coral atoll.

It is partially covered with primary rainforest and honeycombed with caves.

Fourteen villages are located on a circle island sealed coastal road which stretches for 60 kms. There are no sandy beaches but Niue’s 20 m fringing reef provides unique pools ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

NZ currency is used and the Kiwibank Agency provides full customer services. EFTPOS is available and some businesses accept Visa credit cards.

Niue has close links with New Zealand and its residents are New Zealand citizens and most speak fluent English.

The small community of 1200 welcomes visitors with genuine friendly smiles. Niue is virtually crime free and you will feel safe anywhere.

Visitors are recommended to rent transport- cars, bicycles or scooters. There are no taxis or public transport services.

Details are available from the Visitors Information Centre in Alofi central.


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